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About Johne Makin

johnemakin1Johne Makin, a local Plymouth artist, was born November 1947 in Devonport, Plymouth and with the exception of a brief spell as an officer in the Merchant Navy, has lived in Plymouth ever since.

After leaving school Johne began work in Devonport Dockyard, and it was here he became a fully Indentured Coppersmith, moving on to become a draughtsman in the Dockyard, then becoming a member of the Nuclear Refuelling Team and later moving to work for many years at HMS Raleigh.

Johne began painting at a very early age and was never happier or more content than when he had a paintbrush or palette at hand.

His artistic career began with his first private commission at the age of fifteen or so, and many other private commissions followed as his attention to fine detail and accuracy in his portrayal of Naval Vessels, Aircraft and Landscapes became known.

Johne was always inspired by his hometown, Plymouth, with its rich Naval and historical background, but it was when he began painting scenes of Plymouth past and present that his works proved popular with Plymouth people and visiting tourists.

The first art print release in 1990 of Johne’s work was of Plymouth Pier shown in all its former glory and this print still sells well today, along with many other well known works to-date of Plymouth past and present.

Johne spends many hours, sometimes weeks, researching before starting work on a new picture so that his works portray accurately, not only ‘what’ was there but also ‘who’ was there…. portraying the people and fashions of the day.

Johne’s works have been exhibited in many galleries and sites in and around Plymouth, including the Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery where he received commendations for two of his exhibited works, Plymouth Pier and In My Bedroom.