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About Chelsea Orme-Williams

Homeframe, Artists, Chelsea OrmeChelsea Orme-Williams was born in Plymouth, England in 1991.

Chelsea works predominantly in the medium of oil painting. In 2014 Chelsea completed a BA  at Aberystwyth School of Art, Wales. She lives in Plymouth, Devon and works in her studio at Maker Heights, Cornwall.

Her paintings derive from a long-standing interest in folklore and seafaring balladry. Exploring romantic and supernatural themes,Chelsea considers her work to be a window between the lover and the ghost, the living and the dead, the space between sleep and consciousness, paintings that exist in the marginal state of limbo. Primal themes run through her work. Her delicate attack with scratches, knife marks and bold brush strokes creates a unique tension between the figurative and the abstract elements in her paintings. Working with a distinctive palette, her colours and tones are a reflection of the maritime environments in which she has always lived and worked. Adhering to traditional still life themes, Chelsea is driven by the ultimate desire to capture complete stillness, timelessness; the fish after it is hooked, before it is eaten. Chelsea’s paintings are the reflection of human qualities on the ‘inanimate’ and a reminder that nothing is constant.